Hairstyles for when your bio hair and topper are different lengths

An issue with wearing toppers is that your bio hair will not always be exactly the same length as the topper hair. And when you wear your hair in a shorter length, it can often be more obvious if your topper is longer or shorter than your bio hair. Longer hairstyles tend to blend a bit better, but if you have shoulder-length hair like me, it can be a pain to constantly have to get your bio hair trimmed or swap between different length hairpieces.

If you haven’t had a chance to get to the hairdresser or you are trying to grow out your bio hair, it can be frustrating when you can’t wear a piece you love. I’ve got this exact problem at the moment and have come up with a few different hairstyles you can try to keep wearing your topper for a little bit longer.

Note: in the above video I talk about ‘brown hair spray’ by this I mean a brown-tinted dry shampoo or a brown coverage spray such as Toppik. You could also use hair fibres to cover up any thin patches depending on your level of hair loss.

The piece I am using in this video is the Amber human hair topper, which I was gifted by Uniwigs to give my honest review. Check out my Instagram page @her_hair_my_head for further reviews of this piece.

INFO: Amber Silk Top Human Hair Topper with Bangs Hair Topper: 6″x6″
SKU: PS1702
Colour: G2-dark coffee brown
Direct Link: ‪‬
Use the coupon code Georgie15 to get 15% off this piece!


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