Back to Basics: what is a hair topper?

My new Back to Basics series will provide help and advice to women who are new to hair loss and alternative hair. In this first video (see below), I will explain what a hair topper actually is!

What is a hair topper?

  • Hair toppers are for anyone with thinning hair, but particularly at the top, crown and sides of their head. I have androgenetic alopecia (also called female pattern baldness) and so my hair has diffuse thinning across the top half of my head. It is particularly thin at the front and parting.
  • You don’t have to have medical hair loss to wear a topper! They can be used to give extra volume, for a glamorous up-do, to cover up grey roots or just to make thin hair look thicker.
  • Toppers are similar to wigs, but they cover less of your head. A wig is generally held onto your head by a band, whereas most types of topper clip into your own hair using pressure-sensitive clips.
  • To wear a topper you must have some of your own hair to attach the topper to. Generally, you will blend the topper together with your own hair. But if you own hair is very fine or straggly, you can buy toppers that are very thick and will cover most of your hair.
  • You can buy human hair toppers, synthetic (plastic) toppers and also a mix of the two. I will provide more information on these options in another video.

How to use a topper with a halo wire

What is a halo wire, you ask? If you find topper clips uncomfortable or want added security, a topper with a halo wire could be the answer. It is a small thin piece of wire that sits on your head under the topper (a bit like a halo hair extension) and helps to keep the topper secure. Some ladies like to use this instead of clips or only attach some of the clips. I personally don’t find it that secure without the clips done up as well.

Watch this video to see how I use mine!

All the info on the topper I’m wearing in this video:
Uniwigs 6.5″x6.5″ Claire Mono Top Remy Human Hair Topper with a halo wire
Length: 14″
Color: G-2 Dark Coffee Brown
SKU: PM1902

My Best Friend’s Hair topper consultation service is now live!

Are you new to alternative hair and don’t know where to start? Let me help you! I have been wearing toppers full time for the past 4 years and have tried numerous different brands and types of topper – both synthetic and human hair.

My new service, called My Best Friend’s Hair, starts with me finding out a bit more about you and your hair loss. Once you have filled out a Topper Consultation Form and sent over some photographs of your bio hair, as well as some hair inspiration pics, we will arrange a Zoom consultation.

During the one-hour Zoom consultation, we will chat about your hair loss and which type of topper might be right for you. I will help you to measure your head to work out what base size you need and talk you through some of the different options out there. I can also offer advice on hair care products, wig stands, and other items you might need to look after your topper.

After our chat, I will do some research and email you with three toppers that might work for you. Because I am not selling you the alternative hair, I can be completely independent and suggest brands that I have tried myself or have heard good things about.

I charge a one-off fee of £25 for this service.

At the moment, I am only offering this service for toppers. If you think you might want a wig, Francesca from Peluka Salon offers free Zoom consultations, as well as in-person ones (from 12th April) in her salon in Essex. She has Alopecia Universalis and is much more knowledgable than me on all things wigs. 

For more information on the My Best Friend’s Hair service or to request a Topper Consultation Form, please email:

Human hair topper review: Uniwigs Melanie with fringe/bangs

Here’s my review of the Melanie topper from Uniwigs. I really like this piece and have been wearing her regularly for a few months now. She is light and comfortable to wear, but with a good amount of coverage due to the large base. I did have to trim the fringe as it was way too long for me. But better that it comes with a too-long fringe than a too-short one.

All the info about what I’m wearing

Melanie | Mono Top Remy Human Hair Topper With Bangs
• Base size: 8.5 x 9 inches • Colour: 210 Truffle Brown
• Length: 16″ (comes in three lengths, 12″, 16″ and 20″)
• Remy Human Hair
• Mono Top Base
• Density: 130%
• Price: from $514.89 (in my video I state that this is the price, but it starts from this. The 16″ version costs $684.89)
Referral Code: Georgie15 (Get 15% off when you use this code)

Human hair topper review: LilyHair Bionic topper

Here are my first impressions of the Bionic Scalp human hair topper from LilyHair. What is a bionic top? I would say it is somewhere between a monofilament top and a silk top. It is quite natural looking – up close you can see the ‘grid’, but no knots.

In this video I am wearing colour #4, which is from the Natural range. Something to note is that the hair in the Natural range is referred to as virgin hair. My definition of ‘virgin’ is that the hair has not been coloured or processed. However, the Natural range of toppers have been coloured and processed, apart from one option called Unprocessed Natural (a dark brown). If you are planning on colouring the hair, then this is the option to choose. As well as the Natural range, LilyHair does offer custom-coloured pieces, including ombre and highlights.

Below are the main positives and negatives so far.


Good price for REMY human hair Hair feels soft and silky (I have not washed it yet)

Cap is light, comfortable and sits very flat to my head

You can’t see the knots and there are no return hairs

According to LilyHair, a bionic top is more durable than other materials (I have not worn this enough yet to test this)


The hairline at the front is not realistic and you can see the edge of the topper. However, there is the option to add a lace front to your topper when you order

Hair has a few split ends

All the info

Lawanda 9×9 Women’s Top Pieces #4 (Bionic Topper)
100% REMY human hair
Length: 14 inches (also comes in 12in)
Colour: #4 (warm medium to light brown)
Base size: 9×9 inches
Base construction: Bionic top with wefted back and sides
Price: from $302, free worldwide shipping and 90-day returns
Get $30 off your entire order with the code: Georgina30

LilyHair YouTube Channel:…

Bionic Scalp Toppers Link: ‪‬