Back to Basics: what is a hair topper?

My new Back to Basics series will provide help and advice to women who are new to hair loss and alternative hair. In this first video (see below), I will explain what a hair topper actually is!

What is a hair topper?

  • Hair toppers are for anyone with thinning hair, but particularly at the top, crown and sides of their head. I have androgenetic alopecia (also called female pattern baldness) and so my hair has diffuse thinning across the top half of my head. It is particularly thin at the front and parting.
  • You don’t have to have medical hair loss to wear a topper! They can be used to give extra volume, for a glamorous up-do, to cover up grey roots or just to make thin hair look thicker.
  • Toppers are similar to wigs, but they cover less of your head. A wig is generally held onto your head by a band, whereas most types of topper clip into your own hair using pressure-sensitive clips.
  • To wear a topper you must have some of your own hair to attach the topper to. Generally, you will blend the topper together with your own hair. But if you own hair is very fine or straggly, you can buy toppers that are very thick and will cover most of your hair.
  • You can buy human hair toppers, synthetic (plastic) toppers and also a mix of the two. I will provide more information on these options in another video.

How to turn a wefted wig into a topper

Have you found the perfect wig, but prefer wearing toppers? If you have a wefted wig – rather than a hand-tied, closed cap wig – then you can quite easily turn it into a large-base topper. Check out my video below to see my first attempt to make a 10×10 inch base topper. I used a cheap Amazon wig to practice on.

Wig review: Arrow synthetic wig by Ellen Wille

I recently connected with the lovely Stacy from My Beautiful Wigs. We both have young kids and are going through the same juggling act of trying to work and look after little people. She sent me the gorgeous Arrow wig to try out. This is my first Ellen Wille wig and so far I’m impressed. Soft fibres, gorgeous colour (the highlights are the bomb 💣) and low density. My phone cut out halfway through the video, so I lost a bit of it. I was just blabbing on about how wig caps don’t stay on my odd-shaped head, so you haven’t lost anything important.

Everything you need to know about the piece I’m wearing in this video:
Arrow synthetic wig from the Perucci Collection by Ellen Wille
Colour: Chocolate rooted. Arrow comes in 11 colours
Cap construction: extended lace front, mono top, wefted back
Cap size: average
Length: 21 inches, fringe: 13.75 inches
Price: £249 from My Beautiful Wigs
They are offering 20% OFF for all new customers and FREE UK delivery. Plus, when restrictions allow, free fitting and styling at their salon in Middlesex, UK with every purchase.

Note: this wig has been gifted to me in return for an honest review and to provide educational content

Synthetic topper review: Top Smart Wavy, Jon Renau Favourites Collection

Check out my review of the new Top Smart Wavy synthetic topper from Jon Renau’s new Favourites Collection. In the past, you could only get the Top Smart in a straight style and your only option for a wavy synthetic topper from JR was the Top Wave.

I had previously bought the Top Wave, but found the hairline was not realistic and ended up cutting in a fringe. The Top Smart Wavy has a lace front, which is much better for those of us who don’t have much hair at the front of their hairline.

The colour I’m wearing is 8/30, which is a slightly lighter brown than I usually wear. I love the warm tones and also the curl pattern! In these photos, I do not have any of my bio hair out (owing to a home-dye job that went a bit wrong). As you can see, there’s a good amount of hair on this topper.

I have struggled slightly with getting the lace front to sit completely flat and have ended up using hair gel on my bio hair to slick it back out of the way. I do not like having to ‘glue’ down the lace on toppers, so I’m hoping I won’t have to do this with this piece.

All the info

Jon Renau Favourites Collection Top Smart Wavy Synthetic topper
9×9 inch base
Colour 8/30
Length 12 inches (also comes in 18 inches)
Lace front / single mono top
Available from Peluka Salon for £258.53 (including VAT)
This piece was given to me by @pelukasalon for an honest review and to provide educational content.