How to turn a wefted wig into a topper

Have you found the perfect wig, but prefer wearing toppers? If you have a wefted wig – rather than a hand-tied, closed cap wig – then you can quite easily turn it into a large-base topper. Check out my video below to see my first attempt to make a 10×10 inch base topper. I used a cheap Amazon wig to practice on.

Wig review: Arrow synthetic wig by Ellen Wille

I recently connected with the lovely Stacy from My Beautiful Wigs. We both have young kids and are going through the same juggling act of trying to work and look after little people. She sent me the gorgeous Arrow wig to try out. This is my first Ellen Wille wig and so far I’m impressed. Soft fibres, gorgeous colour (the highlights are the bomb 💣) and low density. My phone cut out halfway through the video, so I lost a bit of it. I was just blabbing on about how wig caps don’t stay on my odd-shaped head, so you haven’t lost anything important.

Everything you need to know about the piece I’m wearing in this video:
Arrow synthetic wig from the Perucci Collection by Ellen Wille
Colour: Chocolate rooted. Arrow comes in 11 colours
Cap construction: extended lace front, mono top, wefted back
Cap size: average
Length: 21 inches, fringe: 13.75 inches
Price: £249 from My Beautiful Wigs
They are offering 20% OFF for all new customers and FREE UK delivery. Plus, when restrictions allow, free fitting and styling at their salon in Middlesex, UK with every purchase.

Note: this wig has been gifted to me in return for an honest review and to provide educational content

QUICK 5: Headscarves By Ciara Gym/Swim wig

Quick 5 is a short and sweet introduction to some of the different toppers and wigs I own – with everything you need to know in less than 5 minutes!

What you need to know

Brand: Headscarves by Ciara


HH or synthetic? Synthetic, mixed fibre, heat resistant

Wig or topper? Gym/swim wig

Length: Medium (around 13in)

Colour: Chestnut brown

Cap size: Average, adjustable

Cap features: Hair attached to a black base band; velcro fastening at the bottom; silicone anti-slip material inside cap.

Notes: you can choose one coloured headband that comes with the wig; Headscarves By Ciara offers a thinning service free of charge; Ciara also sent me some thick bobbles to help with a high ponytail.

RRP: £70.00 (on promotion for £63.00 as of June 2020)

I paid: £63.00

How to measure your head for a wig or topper

If you are able to try on a piece in a wig shop before you commit to buy then you can tell how well it fits, how comfortable it is to wear, if the colour suits you and also the coverage and blend with your bio hair (if you are trying a topper). You will also benefit from fitting advice from a trained professional.

At the time of writing, this is unlikely to be possible in the UK due to COVID-19 restrictions. Regardless of lockdown restrictions, many of us simply do not live near to a wig shop and are having to order blind from online retailers. I have been buying toppers and wigs since 2018 and I have only been to a wig shop once – most of my pieces have been online purchases. I have made a few mistakes along the way, but I can safely say that the most important thing you can do before making that online purchase is to measure your head.

I made this education video with Francesca from Peluka Salon, which offers advice on how to measure your head for a topper.

How to choose a topper base size

These come in different base sizes depending on the amount of coverage you need and the extent of your hair loss. These start from the smaller parting pieces (around 2.5×2.5in), which are good for minimal loss around your parting and for tying up hair in a pony tail. These can add a bit of volume for women with fine hair, but won’t give a huge amount of coverage around the sides or back of the head.

I tend to wear average size toppers (sometimes called mid/progressive), which are anything from 5x5in or 5x6in to 7x7in. These tend to give good coverage of the top of the head/crown area and some coverage on the sides and back. If you have advanced or more severe hair loss, but don’t want to wear a full wig, you can get much larger toppers that are 9x9in and 10x10in. Larger toppers can also be useful if your bio hair is shorter than the topper hair and you want to cover it up, rather than blend the two together.

Check out this video that gives more advice on the different topper base sizes! 

How to work out your wig cap size

While most wigs come with adjustable straps, you will want to get one that is a comfortable fit for your head. Sizes are usually petite, average and large. Note: different brands work out their wig sizes differently, so it is important to check the exact measurements of their petite, average and large cap sizes. They should have this information on their website.

There are three key measurements you will need to take to work out your ideal wig size: circumfrance; ear to ear; and front to back. The majority of wig wearers will need an average cap, which is between 54cm to 57cm (21.25 to 22.5 inches). Petite wig caps are between 51cm and 54cm (20 to 21.25 inches), while large wig caps are usually bigger than 57cm (22.5 to 24 inches).

Many brands offer custom wig caps where you can submit your measurements and have a cap made that is the perfect size for your head. However, custom wigs are significantly more expensive than ‘off-the-peg’ wigs.

**Coming soon** An educational video about how to measure your head for a wig.

Wig Review: Jenny Mono wig in Double Frost Java from Uniwigs Lavivid

My first impressions of the Jenny Synthetic Mono Wig from Uniwigs Lavivid
Colour: Double Frost Java
SKU: AL0102
Direct Link:
Coupon code: Georgie15 (get 15% Off)

Note: in the video I say I’m not sure of the cap construction around the parting: it is a double monofilament.

Disclaimer: sometimes wig and topper brands send me pieces to roadtest and review. They are gifted to me for free or at a discounted price. I will always give my own honest opinion on the piece and will point out any negatives, as well as positives.