vat relief

Customers in the UK who wear wigs and toppers for necessity reasons and have medical hair loss are eligible for VAT exemption on all new wigs and toppers. This does not include preloved wigs/toppers, haircare products, headwear or accessories.

Medical hair loss, such as alopecia or hair loss as a result of chemotherapy treatment, must have been diagnosed by your GP or medical professional.

Please be aware that there are legal penalties for making false claims of VAT exemption. If you are unsure whether you are eligible to receive goods or services zero-rated for VAT, please fill out the enquiry form on the HMRC website or contact the VAT Disabled Relief Helpline on 0300 123 1073.

VAT relief can only be claimed on new wigs and toppers, and not on preloved wigs/toppers, headwear, accessories or aftercare products.

You must complete the Her Hair My Head VAT Relief Form (click on the link below to complete the form) before placing your order. However, you only need to fill out the form once to cover all future orders.

NOTE: if you are VAT exempt and would like to place an order, please contact Georgina on 07738 275906 or email:


Please click on the link below and fill out the VAT Relief Form before placing your order