While there are some similarities in the way you wash synthetic hair and human hair, you need completely different products to care for them. In this blog post, I will outline how to wash synthetic toppers and offer advice on the different products you will need – plus things to avoid!

Synthetic haircare

You have to buy special hair care products to use on synthetic hair, as the hair is essentially made of plastic. I have used a shampoo and conditioner from the T-Range from TrendCo and also from Ellen Wille, but there are a few different brands available. The scent is a big thing for me and I like the smell of these ranges, but I cannot vouch for them being better than other brands.

How to wash

Give the hair a gentle brush before you start.

Rinse the hair under running water.

Apply a 2p blob of shampoo and massage it into the hair.

Rinse off with running water. Although you don’t have to worry as much about the hair getting tangled.

Here is where things are different from human hair. You will need to fill a sink or bowl with lukewarm/cold water (make sure the water is not hot!). Add the conditioner to the water and mix it around. Then you soak the whole topper in the bowl of water.

I leave the hair to soak for a few minutes, but check the conditioner bottle and follow the time instructions on there.

Rinse the hair under running water and then leave the piece to air dry.

NOTE: you cannot use heat on synthetics unless they are heat-defiant fibres.

I also have a spray-in conditioner from the T-Range, which I find useful for refreshing synthetic pieces and making the curls a bit bouncier on wavy/curly pieces.

For more tips and tricks on washing toppers, check out my video!

Click on the images to order Ellen Wille shampoo and/or conditioner for synthetic hair