Fizz | Ellen Wille Top Power Collection


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Fizz by Ellen Wille is a ready-to-wear synthetic topper that adds volume and coverage in the crown area. The piece is 100% hand-tied, allowing for multi-directional parting and very lightweight. You may forget you even have a piece on! The seamless extended lace front gives you the most natural hairline. Fizz is slightly layered at the ends to ensure the hair blends easily in with your own hair. With Fizz, you have beautiful coverage and the flexibility to still wear your hair up. Suitable for mid-advanced stage hair loss.
BRAND Ellen Wille
CAP CONSTRUCTION Hand Tied, Extended Lace Front (7.5")
BASE SIZE 11.4 x 9"
LENGTH 6.5-11"  Front: 6.5", Front Sides: 11-12" , graduating to shorter 10-11" at the sides and back.
HAIR TYPE Synthetic
COLOUR PICTURED Light Champagne Rooted
AVAILABLE COLOURS Espresso Mix | Dark Chocolate Rooted | Chocolate Mix | Mocca Rooted | Light Bernstein Rooted | Sand Rooted | Light Champagne Rooted | Pastel Blonde Rooted | Stone Grey Rooted | Silver Mix | Sandy Blonde Rooted

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Espresso Mix, Dark Chocolate Rooted, Chocolate Mix, Mocca Rooted, Light Bernstein Rooted, Sand Rooted, Light Champagne Rooted, Pastel Blonde Rooted, Stone Grey Rooted, Silver Mix, Sandy Blonde Rooted


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