Lace front wig and topper grips on a halo wire


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Her Hair My Head's own range of lace front wig and topper grips can be worn underneath a wig or a large base topper. They are a great way of securing your topper without having to use clips on the hair at the front of your head. And for wig wearers, they provide something for your wig to grip onto. The halo wire keeps the grip in place, but without the bulk at the nape. The lace front section means they will be undetectable when worn with a lace wig or topper.

SIZE One size fits all. The grips have a thin, transparent plastic wire that can be adjusted to fit any head size

MEASUREMENTS The material part of the grip measures 8" wide by 2" deep. The lace front section measures 5" wide and the lace parting area is 2" deep by 1.5" wide

MATERIAL Soft velvet fabric, invisible lace, plastic wire, metal clips. PU strip on inside of the grip for added security

COLOUR Available in Dark Brown and Blonde

CARE The grips can be gently hand washed and left to air dry. Do not machine wash or tumble dry

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