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Lace Top by Ellen Wille is the perfect feathery top piece that adds volume and integrates with your own hair. The Lace Top consists of 3.75" - 4.8" long hair on a base that measures 6.5" x 6.8". The base is a wefted monofilament and includes four pressure sensitive clips for a secure fit. The Lace Top is made up of the finest premium synthetic fiber and blends flawlessly with your natural hair. Lace Top is part of the Ellen Wille Top Piece Collection.
BRAND Ellen Wille
CAP CONSTRUCTION Lace Front, Lace Top, Wefted
BASE SIZE 6.5 x 6.25"
LENGTH 6.5-11"  Front: 6.5", Front Sides: 11-12" , graduating to shorter 10-11" at the sides and back.
WEIGHT 0.8oz
HAIR TYPE Synthetic
COLOUR PICTURED Bernstein Rooted
AVAILABLE COLOURS Espresso Mix | Chocolate Mix | Mocca Rooted | Bernstein Rooted | Nougat Rooted | Champagne Rooted | Stone Grey Mix | Silver Mix | Caramel Rooted

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Espresso Mix, Chocolate Mix, Mocca Rooted, Bernstein Rooted, Nougat Rooted, Champagne Rooted, Stone Grey Mix, Silver Mix, Caramel Rooted


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