Style Forward 16″ | Raquel Welch Transformations Top Pieces


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Style Forward 16″ gives a woman who experiences fine or thinning hair the added volume needed to create a full ponytail, braid or half up / half down style. The monofilament top can be parted on the left, right or center – and the Tru2life heat-friendly synthetic fiber can be flat ironed super straight or curled with a curling iron.

BASE CONSTRUCTION Pressure-sensitive clips, monofilament top.

BASE SIZE 6 x 6.5 inches

LENGTH Front: 14.25”, Crown: 16.25”, Sides: 16.25", Back: 16.25"

HAIR TYPE Tru2Life Heat Styleable Synthetic Hair

WEIGHT 3.9oz

COLOUR PICTURED RL14/25SS Shaded Honey Ginger

AVAILABLE COLOURS RL2/4 Off Black | RL4/6 Black Coffee | RL5/27 Ginger Brown | RL6/8 Dark Chocolate | RL6/28 Bronzed Sable | RL6/30 Copper Mahogany | RL8/29 Hazelnut | RL10/12 Sunlit Chestnut | RL11/25 Golden Walnut | RL12/16 Honey Toast | RL13/88 Golden Pecan | RL14/22 Pale Gold Wheat | RL14/25 Honey Ginger | RL16/88 Pale Golden Honey | RL19/23 Biscuit | RL29/25 Golden Russet | RL56/60 Silver | RL511 Sugar & Charcoal | RL119 Silver & Smoke | RL 32/31 Cinnabar | RL 30/27 Rusty Auburn | RL 33/35 Deepest Ruby

Shadow (rooted) shades RL8/29SS Shaded Hazelnut | RL12/22SS Shaded Cappuccino | RL14/22SS Pale Golden Wheat | RL14/25SS Honey Ginger |  RL19/23SS Shaded Biscuit  | RL613SS Shaded Platinum | RL16/21SS Shaded Sand

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RL2/4 Off Black, RL4/6 Black Coffee, RL5/27 Ginger Brown, RL6/8 Dark Chocolate, RL6/28 Bronzed Sable, RL6/30 Copper Mahogany, RL8/29 Hazelnut, RL10/12 Sunlit Chestnut, RL11/25 Golden Walnut, RL12/16 Honey Toast, RL13/88 Golden Pecan, RL14/22 Pale Gold Wheat, RL14/25 Honey Ginger, RL16/88 Pale Golden Honey, RL19/23 Biscuit, RL29/25 Golden Russet, RL30/27 Rusty Auburn, RL31/29 Fiery Copper, RL32/31 Cinnabar, RL33/35 Deepest Ruby, RL51/61 Iced Granita, RL56/60 Silver, RL511 Sugar & Charcoal, RL4/10SS Shaded Iced Java, RL8/12SS Shaded Iced Mocha, RL8/29SS Shaded Hazelnut, RL10/22SS Shaded Iced Cappuccino, RL12/22SS Shaded Cappuccino, RL14/22SS Pale Golden Wheat, RL14/25SS Honey Ginger, RL17/23SS Shaded Iced Latte Macchiato,   RL19/23SS Shaded Biscuit , RL29/33SS Shaded Iced Pumpkin Spice, RL613SS Shaded Platinum, RL16/21SS Shaded Sand, RL12/22SS Shaded Cappuccino, RL119 Silver & Smoke, RL 32/31 Cinnabar, RL 30/27 Rusty Auburn, RL 33/35 Deepest Ruby


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