Super-soft velvet and lace wig grips


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Her Hair My Head's range of wig grips are a great way of making your wig feel more secure and comfortable. Made from super-soft velvet, the wig grips have a lace section so they will not be seen underneath lace and mono top partings. Our wig grips have a large velcro fastening, meaning they will fit any size head.

SIZE One size fits all

MATERIAL Soft velvet fabric; lace

MEASUREMENTS Black option has a 1" wide lace parting area; Blonde option has a 1" wide parting area and a 7" wide x 0.5" deep lace front section. NOTE: the difference between the design of the two colours was a supplier issue and both options will be available in both colours soon

COLOUR Available in Black and Blonde

CARE The wig grips can be gently hand washed and left to air dry. Do not machine wash or tumble dry

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