topper try-on service

One of the biggest hurdles when buying a topper is being able to try them on before you buy. This can be particularly difficult and costly when many hair companies either don’t accept returns or charge a restock fee and so the buyer loses money if they have to send a piece back.


We have been trying hard to find ways to allow customers to try on our pieces without being hugely out of pocket. We offer in-person try-on consultations at our HQ in Westerham, Kent, but appreciate that it might mean travelling a long way just to try on a topper.


This has led us to launch the Topper Try-on Service that allows you to try one of our 8×8” base silk top human hair toppers at home. We currently have three colours to try: dark brown, bronde and ashy blonde.


How it works

Get in touch with us by email ( or phone (07738 275 906) to register your interest in the Topper Try-on Service.

  • We take a deposit of £500 via bank transfer.
  • You choose your colour and we pop your topper in the post.
  • You can keep the topper for 7 days, try it on at home and then post it back to us.
  • Once we have received the topper, we will return the deposit to you, minus our fee of £35.

We are happy for you to try on the topper using the clips, as the topper will be washed and disinfected between trials. You can also use water to change the parting. Please do not wear the topper out of the house and do not use any products or heat (straighteners, curling tongs etc) on the piece. If we believe the topper has been extensively worn or heat styled, we reserve the right to keep the £500 deposit and return the topper to you as a purchase. 

We cannot guarantee that the colour of the trial topper will be an exact match to your own hair colour, but where possible we will try to send you something as close to your own colour as possible.

Try-on topper colour choices