Consultation options

Video Consultations

Her Hair My Head offers a free 30-minute video consultation via Zoom for anyone who needs advice on toppers and interested in buying one of our toppers. Please email for more information and to arrange a consultation. We will book a time for the Zoom call and send you a short form to fill out to find out more about your hair loss and alternative hair needs.

Face-to-face Consultations in Kent

We offer in-person consultations on Friday mornings and weekends at the Her Hair My Head HQ in Westerham, Kent. Our consultations usually last between 1-2 hours (max 2 hours). Here’s what happens during a consultation:

  • We have a cuppa and a chat about your hair loss
  • Measure your hair loss to determine what size base you need
  • Discuss your needs and lifestyle
  • Look at the different types of topper and what might work for you
  • And, most importantly, try on some of our different toppers

An in-person consultation costs £50 at the time of booking. There is no pressure whatsoever to buy a topper during or after your consultation, but if you do decide to make a purchase, you have 6 months following your consultation to redeem the £50 off the cost of any topper over £500.

Please email for more information and to arrange a consultation.

Want a wig?

Her Hair My Head mainly offers advice on buying toppers. We do sell some preloved wigs, but we don’t currently stock new wigs. If you think you might want a wig, Francesca, owner of Peluka Salon offers free video consultations, as well as in-person ones in her salon in Leigh-on-Sea, Essex. She has Alopecia Universalis and is very knowledgeable on all things wigs and alternative hair!