Consultation options

Video Consultations

Her Hair My Head offers a free video consultation via Zoom for anyone interested in buying one of our human hair toppers. This is particularly useful if you want to place a custom order. Please email for more information and to arrange a consultation. We will book a time for the Zoom call and send you a short form to fill out to find out more about your hair loss and alternative hair needs.

Face-to-face Consultations in Kent

We offer in-person consultations on Saturdays and Sundays at the Her Hair My Head HQ in Westerham, Kent. You can book a full consultation (max 2 hours) to chat about your hair loss, get your head measured, discuss different base sizes and types of topper, try on some of our different topper bases and also look at colour swatches. Please note that an in-person consultation costs £50 at the time of booking. There is no pressure whatsoever to buy a topper during or after your consultation, but if you do decide to make a purchase, you have 6 months following your consultation to redeem the £50 off the cost of your topper.

Alternatively, if you simply want to come and try on some different toppers, we offer a free in-person consultation, which is 30 minutes long. As above, this is available on Saturdays and Sundays at the Her Hair My Head HQ in Westerham, Kent.

Please email for more information and to arrange a consultation.

If you want general help and advice with finding a synthetic or human hair topper from other brands, we also offer an independent service called My Best Friend’s Hair – more information below.

My Best Friend’s Hair Topper Consultation

Are you new to alternative hair and don’t know where to start? Let us help you! Owner of Her Hair My Head, Georgie has been wearing toppers full time for the past 4 years and has tried numerous different brands and types of topper – both synthetic and human hair.

My Best Friend’s Hair is an independent service and it starts with us finding out a bit more about you and your hair loss. Once you have filled out a Topper Consultation Form and sent over some photographs of your bio hair, as well as some hair inspiration pics, we will arrange a video

During the one-hour video consultation, we will chat about your hair loss and which type of topper might be right for you. We will help you to measure your head to work out what base size you need and talk you through some of the different options. We can also offer advice on hair care products, wig stands, and other items you might need to look after your topper.

After our chat, we will email you with three topper suggestions. Because we are not selling you the hair, we can be completely independent and suggest brands that Georgie has tried herself or has heard good things about. There is a one-off fee of £25 for this service.

For more information or to request a Topper Consultation Form, please email:

Want a wig?

Her Hair My Head only offers advice on buying toppers If you think you might want a wig, Francesca, owner of Peluka Salon offers free video consultations, as well as in-person ones in her salon in Leigh-on-Sea, Essex. She has Alopecia Universalis and is very knowledgeable on all things wigs and alternative hair!

My Best Friend’s Hair TESTIMONIALS

I contacted Georgina a couple of weeks ago as I’d been recently been diagnosed with Androgenetic Alopecia, I felt like I’d got to the stage were trying to cover up my thinning hair wasn’t an option, therefore, I starting wading my way through the world of Alopecia and alternative hair options.  Within half an hour of contacting Georgina, she’d got back in touch with me and made me feel super comfortable and not alone.

I went ahead with her consultation over zoom after chatting back and forth a little – I can’t express to anyone in my position how helpful this consultation was!  I’d previously been to a salon (who ONLY specialise in wigs and toppers) for advice on hair toppers I have to say, she provided not even an ounce of knowledge that Georgina could provide without even being in the same room as me!  She went through all of my options, showed me so many toppers, how they worked, different bases, how to style them… the list is honestly endless.  Every single question I had, she covered off and more.  I left the consultation feeling so confident and uplifted, she couldn’t have been more friendly and warm if she tried!

To top everything off she also sent me a follow-up email after our consultation with specific topper recommendations, price lists, colours and other tips on how to care for the hair. I honestly can’t recommend speaking with Georgina enough.

Emily, UK