Raquel Welch Transformations Top Pieces collection

For women with thinning hair or experiencing partial hair loss, Transformations by Raquel Welch offers a variety of stylish solutions that are comfortable, secure and above all… natural looking. Find the right style by first identifying the area of hair loss:

  • For a receding front hairline or thinning at temples, try a clip-in bang or fringe style
  • For hair loss along the part or crown area, a top piece is ideal. Select a style with a base size that is at least a half-inch larger than the area of hair loss.
  • When hair loss is more extensive, Raquel Welch offers a complete range of beautiful full coverage wigs. Contact georgina@herhairmyhead.co.uk if you are interested in ordering a RW wig.

Transformations Top Pieces Collection


Please note: not all of these colours are available for every Raquel Welch topper and wig. Check the product listing to view the available colours.