Charmed Life 12″ | Raquel Welch Transformations Top Pieces

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Charmed Life is perfect for covering areas along the part line. Its egg shaped construction offers you the option of placing a narrow or wider area near the face. The textured lengths blend seamlessly into mid-length or longer, layered styles while the human hair allows additional styling options.

BASE CONSTRUCTION Pressure-sensitive clips, monofilament top, polyurethane perimeter.

BASE SIZE 3.25 x 5"

LENGTH 12" all over

HAIR TYPE 100% human hair

WEIGHT 1.6oz


AVAILABLE COLOURS R1HH Black | R3HH Dark Brown | R4HH Chestnut Brown | R5HH Light Reddish Brown | R6/30H Chocolate Copper | R6 Dark Chocolate | R8 Dark Cinnamon | R9HH Light Golden Blonde | R10 Chestnut | R10HH Palest Blonde | SS12/22 Cappuccino | R14/16T Buttered Toast | SS14/25 Honey Ginger | SS19/23 Biscuit | SS14/88 Golden Wheat | R8/29S+ Glazed Hazelnut | R30/25S Glazed Cinnamon

Shadow (rooted) shades SS12/22 Cappuccino | SS14/25 Honey Ginger | SS14/88 Golden Wheat | SS19/23 Biscuit




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