Just | High Heat Fibre topper | Ellen Wille Top Power Collection


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BRAND Ellen Wille
CAP CONSTRUCTION Lace front, lace top, hand tied
BASE SIZE 3 inches wide x 5.5 inches long (8x14cm)
LENGTH 9-10 inches (23-26cm)
HAIR TYPE High heat synthetic fibre (can take heat up to 140 degrees C/300 degrees F)
WEIGHT 34g (1.2oz)
COLOUR PICTURED Sandyblonde Rooted
AVAILABLE COLOURS Espresso Mix | Dark Chocolate Mix | Chocolate Mix | Mocca Mix | Bernstein Rooted | Sand Mix | Sandyblonde Rooted | Pearl Blonde Mix | Champagne Mix | Silver Mix

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Espresso Mix, Dark Chocolate Mix, Chocolate Mix, Mocca Mix, Bernstein Rooted, Sand Mix, Sandyblonde Rooted, Pearlblonde Mix, Champagne Mix, Silver Mix


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