How to measure your head for a topper

How to measure your head for a topper

Buying the right sized topper is really important for how natural it will look and how comfortable it will feel on your head. Georgina Probert, founder of Her Hair My Head, explains how to measure your head for a topper. 

If you are able to try on a topper in a shop before you commit to buy then you can tell how well it fits, how comfortable it is to wear, if the colour suits you and also the coverage and blend with your bio hair. You will also benefit from fitting advice from a trained professional. We offer free in-person consultations in Westerham, Kent and free online consultations for people who are unable to travel to us. Find out more HERE.

I have been buying toppers and wigs since 2018 and, before setting up my own business, I had only been to a wig shop once – nearly all of of my pieces had been online purchases. I have definitely made a few (expensive) mistakes along the way, but I can safely say that the most important thing you can do before making that online purchase is to measure your head.

I made this education video with Francesca from Peluka Salon, which offers advice on how to measure your head for a topper.