Medical Hair Loss Discount

Customers in the UK who wear wigs and toppers for necessity reasons and have medical hair loss are eligible for VAT Relief on all new wigs and toppers. This does not include preloved wigs/toppers, haircare products, headwear or accessories.

Her Hair My Head Ltd is not VAT registered and so we are not legally able to offer VAT Relief. However, all of our customers who have medical hair loss are able to get a Medical Hair Loss Discount that is the equivalent saving of VAT Relief on all of the new wigs and toppers – including Her Hair My Head's own range of SuperFlat toppers and Luxury wigs and all of the brands that we stock.

Simply check the box on the product listing saying “Yes I have medical hair loss” and the discount will be applied for you. As you are using Her Hair My Head's Medical Hair Loss Discount and are not applying for the official VAT Relief, you do not need to fill out a VAT Relief declaration form.

Medical hair loss covers a wealth of conditions that cause hair loss, including chemotherapy, medications with hair loss as a side effect, all forms of alopecia, hormonal hair loss (such as menopause and post-partum), hair loss following surgery, Covid, and Trichotillomania (compulsive hair pulling). If you are unsure whether your type of hair loss is medical, please email Georgina on: and she can help to clarify if you are eligible for the Medical Hair Loss Discount.

We hope that by offering the Medical Hair Loss Discount service, we are able to support people who have medical hair loss and give them the best price possible on our new wigs and toppers.