How to remove or add a comb/clip to your topper

How to remove or add a comb/clip to your topper

Toppers usually come with several pressure-sensitive clips sewn into them to attach the piece to your hair. Different brands use different-sized clips and you might find that smaller or larger clips are more comfortable for you.

In addition, some toppers come with a comb at the front. I prefer the comb as I do not have a lot of hair at my hairline (certainly not enough to hold a clip). The comb slides into my hair and provides a bit of extra grip for the topper. Our Super Flat toppers come with a comb as standard, but you can easily remove this and sew in 1 or 2 clips instead. 

Watch this video (also shown below) that shows how I removed the comb from the front of one of my old toppers and replaced it with a small clip. Apologies for the shaking camera work – note to self that filming with one hand is not a good idea. 

You will need:

  • Sharp scissors or a seam ripper
  • A small needle
  • Light coloured or brown thread (depending on the colour of the hair on your topper)
  • A steady hand!!!